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  • PyTorch


    PyTorch is an open source machine learning platform that provides a seamless path from research prototyping to production deployment.

  • Luke Tyler Williams

    Luke Tyler Williams

    A collection of azure articles and ramblings // Cloud Security Consultant @ Integrity360 // Comments and thoughts are my own

  • Siraj Aizlewood

    Siraj Aizlewood

  • Dieter Jordens

    Dieter Jordens

    Writes about Craftsmanship | Machine Learning | Software Development. Read more on https://www.dieterjordens.com/

  • Sajid Lhessani

    Sajid Lhessani

    Data scientist working in Banking and Capital market. London Based. Follow me on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlgorithmicTradingbySajid

  • Travis Hubbard

    Travis Hubbard

    An interested observer, and occasional contributor. I write about mindset, motivation, and making money — https://travishubbard.net

  • Anne Bonner

    Anne Bonner

    Founder/CEO of Content Simplicity (https://contentsimplicity.com/), Contract Deputy Editor of Towards Data Science.

  • Ludovic Benistant

    Ludovic Benistant

    Editor and curator at Towards Data Science

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