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The full release of Python 3.9 is out!

It’s clear that this version marks a breaking point from the old route of Python’s evolution, onto a new path. We’ll cover:

> Python's New Path
- Parser change
- Development cycles
> New Features
- Type Hinting
- String Methods
- Dictionary Unions

Let’s explore these new features and understand where Python is heading.

Python’s New Path

There are two significant changes in this update, which we won’t see any immediate impact from — but we will begin to notice a slightly different evolution of Python as a language.

In short, this boils down…

A visual-heavy introduction to data science with K-Means

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K-means clustering is an unsupervised ML algorithm that we can use to split our dataset into logical groupings — called clusters. Because it is unsupervised, we don’t need to rely on having labeled data to train with.

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Five clusters identified with K-Means.

These clusters are created by splitting the data into clearly distinct groups where the values that make up each group are similar — and the values between different groups are different.

The K in K-means refers to the number of clusters. …

Intuitive visual explanations of the past decade of NLP

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Attention is all you need. That is the name of the 2017 paper that introduced attention as an independent learning model — the herald of our now transformer dominant world in natural language processing (NLP).

Transformers are the new cutting-edge in NLP, and they may seem somewhat abstract — but when we look at the past decade of developments in NLP they begin to make sense.

We will cover these developments, and look at how they have led to the Transformers being used today. …


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